Short Stories

a selection of my recent short stories

What would you do if the world as you know it had just come to an end? This takes a very suburban look at the aftermath of the collapse of society, and asks what would you do to survive? (700 words)

lemon, fruit tree, citrus-1349367.jpg

Another vignette of post-apocalyptic life.  When history is coming to an end, what happens to the history that we already have? Features a visit to the British Museum. (600 words)

Set in John Birmingham’s forthcoming World War 3.1 alternative history novel, this story presents a slice of the opening salvo of the war through the eyes of both fictional and historical figures.  (2,800 words)

A “Furious Fiction” piece for the Australian Writer’s Centre monthly writing challenge –  500 words over a weekend with a series of conditions on what the story must include.  Challenges you to think outside the box. (500 words)

Another “Furious Fiction” piece – in this case, 500 words in about 5 hours. Very surprised (and happy!) that this one made the shortlist of stories that were published (500 words)